well, it’s winter all right

December 11, 2009

with the first michigan winter storm (some may call it a blizzard) we couldn’t help but get jazzed about making paper snowflakes. and as we all know paper snowflakes lead to mini christmas trees which lead to fake snow (thanks to liz, it was repurposed from fake spiderwebs from halloween!) which somehow eventually leads to animals in sweater vests (coming soon).

zazu (aka zuzu, zazi, zazzles, etc.)

alissa and liz stringing the lights in our living room while i was photographing from the blizzard outside.

living room

paper massacre! the only thing i have crafted so far this week. yikes.

other odd/cute decorations. who doesn't have a norwegian squirrel ornament?

love birds in fake snow

mini xmas trees and insane cat card

our studio pets



let’s get acquainted

December 10, 2009

hello again.

seasons greetings

greeting card made from 1960s readers digest

i would have loved to have written sooner but the studio started taking over my life last week. jewelry, yes always, but also holiday cards. it’s safe to say i was obsessed. so, every first friday here in kalamazoo there is an art hop. this month i was able to set up a table to sell my wares (jewels and cards) at the exquisite corpse studio located in the park trades center downtown. the december art hop is always the best, and it was snowing here in the mitten so of course that added to the charm.

also the gallery had a show up of small works called WEE! (great title) which Liz and i both had pieces in– Lizzie’s is on the flyer–check out their site^

what has come over me?? i blame holiday cheer, and the strong desire to use colored pencils

more vintage images

almost sickeningly cute

these cards, along with recent jewelry can be purchased on etsy @ www.bezhu.etsy.com

have a fabulous evening, drive safe (blizzard in michigan), and watch for deer (this is what my mother always says).

{actually i have plans of posting some images of our hand-crafted holiday decor a little later this evening. and soon enough i will put up some images of our actual studio.}

–lynn from bezhu studio

so it begins…

November 30, 2009

Bezhu studio is the place where we work. We also sleep here, eat here, tend to our two huge cats (which are basically small mountain lions), and occasionally when we’re feeling particularly sassy, we push aside the soldering bench for small dance parties.

The house/studio (a metals and jewelry studio) is in Kalamazoo, Michigan and is really in a duplex. Which means our neighbors (the people whom we share a wall with) have to hear the incessant sounds of hammering and undoubtedly are wondering what exactly is going on when they drive in and see through our living room window the three ladies running around like mad scientists in aprons with safety glasses, torches, and bowls of various liquids.

We intend to use this blog to show (individually and as a trio) what we are working on, what we are looking it, and to encourage a conversation.

Please check back for upcoming posts…

[Lynn, Alissa, and Liz]